Earrings with semi-precious stones by designer Rosa Sempere


7 different models
Elongated Steel Earrings that have natural stones sewn to the Steel the stitches are transparent and can not be seen you can find them in 7 models

Sardinian jasper

 Brown stone with black spots is said to be an eternal stone of youth To give women more beauty and make her stand out more, there are bracelets, necklaces, earrings and numerous ornamental examples for use as a garment, since when polished it acquires a brilliance that makes it look very beautiful on you


Malachite is a secondary copper mineral generally found in oxidized Cu deposits.
It belongs to the monoclinic system and to the group of carbonates. In nature we find it in small crystals, in a massive way or forming stalactites.
It is frequently found as pseudomorphism of azurite.

Moon Stone

Although it is considered a typically feminine stone, it can be very beneficial for men, especially in its emotional openness.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious, rocky stone composed of the minerals lazurite, silicate, this gives it the characteristic blue color, pyrite that produces golden reflections

Citrine quartz

The Citrine is considered as the archetype of the Avatar or the Master. Prosperity For centuries it has been called the stone of prosperity and it has been attributed the virtue of attracting material wealth, this happens because it awakens all our potential.

Obsidian Nevada

It is a very striking rock that some consider to be artificial due to its strange patterns. However, it is one more variant of the precious gem, resulting from the crystallization of the volcanic matter that gives rise to it. It is a beautiful addition to the crystal and hobbyist rock collection.