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Full Package A/B Pricing Testing and Optimization + front page listing

Full Package A/B Pricing Testing and Optimization Premium Seller Services

The benefits of the Premium package:

What is the Premium package?

This package offers exceptional services that are essential if you want to sell faster at the best price.

It consists of 6 crucial points or services:

1) Listed on the first page in the recommended category. The main page is the most visited and where the majority of sales on the portal come from. A highly visible position will attract more buyers. You will also have the benefit of achieving a better positioning in google and other search engines. The products on the first page are the most shared on social networks. If you want to have much more visibility and possibility of sale then this is the fastest way.

2) A / B proof of photos. An A / B test is the option to present a different version of your product by rotating each hour. Every hour a version with a different photo is presented to determine which photo is the one that attracts the most customers. This optimization is a must for anyone who is serious about their sales. A perfect listing, but with the wrong photo it can be a total failure. If nobody sees your product because of a wrong photo you will not sell, no matter how good your product is

3) A / B test of the title: It is exactly the same as the previous one but now we do not alternate the photos but the title. Along with the main photo, the title is the first thing a customer sees. If the title is not attractive, you will lose 50% of the sale possibility.

4) Description A / B test: So many times we have already seen poor, incomplete or erroneous descriptions that ruin a listing, that we opted to use heat maps to determine where buyers stop, where they click, what they miss, etc. .. These heat maps help us to improve the descriptions and make them much more attractive in order to achieve sales.

5) Finally, the A / B test of the price. Correct pricing must be one of the most difficult things a seller has to do. How do you know the right price? Not always a drop is getting you more sales. We had a case where we raised the price from 17€ up to 27€ with an increase in sales of 73%. Now this is not the usual, the stats say that its a 50/50 on raising and lowering prices. Same as above, but in this test we vary the price. Knowing that a drop of 1% or even a rise of 1% can make all the difference when it comes to selling.

6) The keywords. Many people do not know the importance of exact and attractive keywords. These keywords can multiply your listing by 10 or even by 20. Instead of having 1 listing alone, suddenly you have many more. You pay 1 listing and suddenly you have many more.

We cannot get into the head of a buyer and that is why it is essential to do these tests. These tests will give us exact numbers and data that will help us improve and sell better.

A / B tests are not done at the same time. First we test the photos, then the title, then the price. The correct labels are added the moment we put your property on the first page.

After buying this package our team will contact you for details and for starting the test using the pictures you already uploaded.

The test will continue to go on untill we have the perfect pricing. The longer you listed your product, the longer the testing will go on and the better results you will get.

You can list products for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or witout a time limit