Roman style Sun bracelet by designer Rosa Sempere

Hand-carved brass bracelet with small pearl inlays in a circular shape giving it the shape of a starry night. The sweet firmament reflected in the bracelet can adorn the most majestic of a woman. It reminds us of the best dreams of a thousand and one night. But you can use it as a complement making your arm more stylized.

Golden Brass bracelet with small White Mother-of-pearl inlays.
The circular ornaments in the shape of a sun on a black base, gives an exquisite combination of the most attractive Mother of Pearl and a Roman touch.

If you want exclusivity of this work of art, select it from the options and we will never, ever sell it again. You will be the only person who has this jewel.

Height 4 cm Diameter 27 cm

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Height 4 cm Diameter 27 cm