Stainless steel Flower and pearls bracelet in two layers by designer Rosa Sempere

Stainless steel bracelet in two layers, set with 5 mother-of-pearl flower petals, and 15 fancy pearls giving it the shape of leaves, creating a unique design, with unmatched style. A few strands with fantasy pearls gives more volume to the piece. It is a simple and beautiful bracelet that gives a majesty to the woman who wears it. Easy to clean with a cloth or eraser to maintain its shine. Never put perfume near the piece, it is always advisable to do it beforehand to avoid staining the steel.

If you want exclusivity of this work of art, select it from the options and we will never, ever sell it again. You will be the only person who has this jewel.

Measure 5 centimeters high X 22 centimeters in diameter.

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Height 4 cm Diameter 27 cm